14 April 2015

dude looks like a lady

     The gender bender blunder leaves some queasy of the mere mention of the query- when why was Tootsie so well received? 
     Was is the over the top cult fantantism of Rocky Horror Picture show and Tim Curry's portrayal of our beloved Dr. Frankenfurter, done in such a theatrical way, that we were able to avoid the issue of sex, he, or she all together?
    And why the hot button topic now when I mention the nuance of a thought to one of my dearly respected, careful I know where I stand photographers...
    The idea of shooting one of our in the spotlight starlets... And specifically my desire to shoot an artist... The most omnipotent dictatorial chauvinistic womanising males... Cross dressed as women.. And shot artfully, authentically and beautifully... 
    An artist to "earn" such a title, as the womanising egotistical "asshole" so to speak... To take them out of their comfort zone of the bullshit facade they have created, and get them into that vulnerable state- and shoot them.... That's when a piece of art is truly made. With authenticity, and vulnerability. Both difficult to obtain, but when achieved... That's when we all hold our breaths- and become speechless... Xo   

25 August 2014

    Stumbling across this editorial spread while researching like crazy- what the art direction should be for an upcoming project... I fell head over stiletto heels in love with this shoot of Victoria Beckham for Vogue Turkey. It really gave me a new level of respect for the scowl faced lady... 
    I loved her really getting into character- and my god how I LIVE for the limo shot! Owning bitchy brattiness with a perfectly polished scream that shatters windows encrusted with diamonds... Genius Vogue Turkey!
    And Mrs. Beckham? I bow my head in respect, because from you this I did not expect. I love being taken by surprise. Truly I do. Possibly because I get off on "proving people wrong" or delivering to the client work that they didn't expect from a crazy little artsy fashion monster, who wears tights and doesn't notice or care when there's a tear... call me "elegantly disheveled" for all I care; it encompasses my aesthetic perfectly. 
    I'm not one whom doesn't pretend to tote around a faux Birkin attempting to pass it off as real. (the only things you should or can fake in life are: your hair, your nails and your tan- everything else- "keep it 100%)
    But hand to Jesus- in Beverly Hills- you have 0 idea how many of those bitches toting their bags are faux... It's disrespectful to the designer and the artist! if you can't afford it- there are plenty of options of how to look like a posh bitch with a stick up her ass and scoot down the street out of boredom because of how difficult it is to be a "housewife" in todays world... (this is where I plot a slow, tedious, and painful death at the sheer idea of that all... fucking losers). Yes I said it and I stand by it , un apologetically  so- because I say what I mean, what I said may be mean- but I meant every word. Especially coming from a really dark creature like me.. born and raised in Holmby Hills... I had to run to find out what authenticity is, and to understand what isn't. The truth? It's not "harsh"- it's quite fun actually... everyone is full of shit until proven otherwise. No? Xx bella